Empowering Women Entrepreneurs: The Advantages of Joining WBENC

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In today’s dynamic business landscape, being part of a supportive network can make all the difference in the success of a venture. For women entrepreneurs, this is particularly crucial, as they navigate various challenges and opportunities unique to their experiences. One such invaluable network is the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), an organization dedicated to empowering and advocating for women-owned businesses. Joining WBENC isn’t just about membership; it’s about accessing a wealth of resources and connections that can propel your business forward.


Access to Resources and Support

At the heart of WBENC membership lies the opportunity to build meaningful connections and expand your expertise. From educational seminars to networking opportunities, WBENC equips women-owned businesses with the tools they need to thrive. From Pitch Competitions to the Expo Floor to Meet & Greets, the annual WBENC conference offers so much for members. Being certified with WBENC ensures credibility and opens doors to partnerships with corporate members, further expanding avenues for growth and collaboration.


Streamlined Certification Process

Navigating the certification process may seem daunting, but WBENC simplifies the journey through comprehensive guidance and support. Prospective members undergo a rigorous yet rewarding process that involves submitting essential documents and completing an online application. This meticulous approach ensures the authenticity and credibility of women-owned businesses, instilling confidence in corporate partners and stakeholders. Furthermore, WBENC’s certification opens doors to government and corporate opportunities and accelerates access to various resources, paving the way for enhanced visibility and growth.


Enhanced Visibility and Marketing Opportunities

WBENC membership offers more than just access to a network; it provides a platform for enhanced visibility and marketing opportunities. The organization’s online directory serves as a powerful marketing tool, amplifying the reach of women-owned businesses and facilitating easier connections with potential clients and partners. With WBENC, your business doesn’t just exist; it thrives, garnering attention and recognition within a supportive community of like-minded entrepreneurs.


Corporate Membership Benefits

Corporations, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations with supplier diversity programs or those working to initiate one stand to gain immensely from WBENC membership. By proactively seeking out Women’s Business Enterprises (WBEs) as suppliers, these entities unlock exclusive benefits, including:

  • Access to over 18,000 certified WBEs through WBENC’s fully digitized database
  • Participation in WBENC’s Ambassador Program, education series, and industry-specific programming to enhance supplier diversity initiatives.
  • Internal support and leadership development opportunities to champion diversity and inclusion efforts.
  • Opportunity to lead and sponsor business development programs for WBEs, facilitating growth and scalability.


…And so much more!

Joining WBENC isn’t merely about becoming a member; it’s about embarking on a transformative journey of growth, empowerment, and success. Through its countless offerings, the organization empowers women entrepreneurs to reach new heights, forge meaningful connections, and make a lasting impact in the world of business. As we continue to champion diversity and inclusion at LEO Events, we stand with WBENC as a beacon of hope and opportunity for women-owned businesses everywhere. Take the first step today and unlock the endless possibilities that await within the WBENC community.