Setting the Tone: PepsiCo’s First-Ever Supplier Diversity Summit


In June 2023, PepsiCo marked a significant milestone by holding its first-ever Supplier Diversity Summit. This event was sparked by PepsiCo’s 40 years of dedication to their Supplier Diversity Program and the over $1 billion spent in the U.S. with diverse suppliers, including $435 million with Black and Hispanic owned suppliers. 

PepsiCo purposefully seeks out suppliers who bring fresh and innovative perspectives that challenge traditional thinking. This intentional approach extends beyond financial gains, aiming to construct a supplier base that authentically reflects the diversity ingrained in its workforce, customer base, and the broader communities it serves.  

The overarching goal was to create an environment that fosters equal opportunities while creating a stronger sense of community. This is important, especially for diverse suppliers who often face systemic barriers, ranging from limited funding access to navigating complex regulatory requirements. PepsiCo’s commitment extends beyond rhetoric, translating into a proactive stance that ensures equitable access and contributes to the development of generational wealth. 


Now, I know what you are wondering: How does LEO Events play a role in this? 

PepsiCo turned to LEO Events first. Our woman-owned certification and growing diverse staff positioned us perfectly to partner up. Our team helped PepsiCo with its distinct and ambitious goal, intended to infuse diversity into every facet of the event, from the environment and content to vendors and more. 

During this two-day gathering, diverse suppliers, industry leaders, and PepsiCo decision-makers discussed the importance of supplier diversity and explored opportunities for collaboration and growth. Held at PepsiCo – Frito Lay’s headquarters in Plano, TX, the summit’s agenda included engaging general sessions, insightful breakouts, networking events, and a captivating supplier showcase.   

The Supplier Diversity Summit was the largest and most involved event ever hosted at PepsiCo’s headquarters. With innovative solutions and creative ideas, LEO’s team took full advantage of the space, using over 100 environmental pieces to transform the venue and create four unique environments. In accordance with the summit’s values and goals, over 80% of the event’s vendors were diverse-owned companies.  

LEO is honored to partner with a brand whose values align with our own and to host an event that parallels and supports our supplier diversity efforts. Events like these provide us with perspective regarding our own DEI efforts and allow us to reflect on the economic impact we have on our diverse communities. The success of the Supplier Diversity Summit illuminated a path for other corporations to follow their lead. It served as a powerful demonstration that a commitment to diversity enhances a company’s bottom line and improves the business itself.