Cindy Brewer


Kent Underwood


Kevin Brewer

Senior Vice President, Events

Kevin Underwood

Senior Vice President, Events

Amy Manzanares

Senior Vice President, Production

David Kenyon

Vice President, Program Management

Joan Cornett

Vice President, Production

Leah Taylor

Vice President, Creative

Chris Simmons

Vice President, Marketing & Business Development

Laura Lines

Vice President, Finance

Will Kinman

Vice President, Events

Airika Gigas

Vice President, Transportation

Craig Beem

Executive Producer

Pete Cappa

Manager, Event Sales

Kasey Hunter

Manager, Event Sales

Mackenzie Burysek

Meeting Planner

Kristina Johnson

Meeting Planner

Becca Kennamer

Sr. Technical Director

Jim Dorroh

Director of Digital Strategy

Justin Maddox

Director of Festivals & Public Events

April Harbour

Art Director

Chelsea Beebe


Kelly Hunt


Ellie Nixon


Stacey Ladd

Production Designer

Nathan Hamilton

Conference Director

Molly Abrams

Associate Producer

Hillary Foster

Associate Producer

Sara Orzech

Associate Producer

Ruthie Rudnick

Manager, Event Operations

Jon Brown

Production Manager

Alison Ray

Production Manager

Troy Morgan

Transportation Coordinator

Ginny Watson

Production Coordinator

Kayleigh Reeves

Production Coordinator

Connie Middleton

Project Coordinator

Emma Harrietha

Meeting & Event Coordinator

Amelia Seaton

Meeting Coordinator

Kiara Jones

Communications Coordinator

Anna Dyer

Business Dev. Coordinator

Maddie Lewis

Video Editor

Trent Bynum

Graphic Designer

Taylor Feeney

Jr. Graphic Designer

Charlotte Weaver

I.T. & Network Svcs Specialist

Tennessee Smith

Director of Human Resources

Amanda Finck

Accounting Manager

Julia Grant

Accounts Payable Specialist

Audrey Collins

Accounting Coordinator

Tammy Dooley

Events Assistant

Alex Gordon

Events Assistant

Sarah Schwartz

Administrative Assistant

Brenna Caillat


Terre Gorham