Amplify: A Call to Empowerment at WBENC 2024


Recently, I had the privilege of attending the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) conference, where I witnessed firsthand the remarkable efforts of WBENC in bringing together women professionals from diverse backgrounds. This conference not only showcased WBENC’s unwavering commitment to inclusivity but also highlighted their dedication to empowering women-owned businesses. 

As a member of the 2024 WBENC conference Host Committee, this year’s conference held special significance for me. The meticulous planning and attention to detail by WBENC created an environment where relationships could thrive and partnerships could flourish. From the inspired theming to the carefully curated colors to the elegant decor, every aspect of the conference spoke to WBENC’s commitment to creating a welcoming and inspiring atmosphere. 

The conference wasn’t just an event; it was an unparalleled experience tailored exclusively for women business owners. The bustling Expo, vibrant Meet & Greets, and thought-provoking sessions provided ample opportunities for networking, learning, and growth. It served as a platform where women-owned businesses and Fortune 500 companies from various industries came together to explore partnerships and seize new opportunities. 

This year’s theme, Amplify, resonated deeply with me. It served as a call to action for women entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 advocates, and the WBENC network to continue amplifying the voices, influence, and impact of entrepreneurial women in business. The theme permeated every aspect of the conference, inspiring attendees to share stories, expertise, and achievements to foster growth, connection, and empowerment. 

I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the corporations that took the time to involve and engage LEO Events in this year’s conference. Your commitment to supporting women-owned businesses and promoting diversity is truly commendable. Your participation not only contributed to the success of the event but also reinforced the importance of collaboration in driving positive change. 

WBENC continues to be a wonderful supporter and partner of LEO Events. We were honored to team up with WBENC in hosting our second annual Sneaker Jam. As a Principal of LEO Events and a member of the Host Committee for WBENC’s 2024 conference, I was thrilled to witness how this partnership resulted in an event that fostered meaningful connections and offered valuable insights to all participants. After all, we can’t amplify alone, but together, we can create a resonance that reverberates far and wide.