An Event Producer’s Insights into the Emmy’s


This year is the 71st annual Primetime Emmy Awards – a night of glitz, glam, and for the winners, often a turning point in their career.

While the actors and actresses are the stars of the show, there is a behind-the-scenes team of unsung heroes planning every second of the show with military precision for months. However, the majority of the planning revolves around elements the average viewer would never notice – yet make the significant difference.


Building the Buzz

Part of the fun in the Emmy Awards is the hype and speculation leading up to the big night – after all, it is known as television’s biggest night. Countless predictions are made and as nomination day approaches, the whole world seems to be watching. Digital and marketing departments within the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences maintain a website that provides background information and allows for voting and other interactive options. This content – along with the media’s frenzied coverage – increases buzz, and more importantly, viewership.


The Clock is Ticking

Ever notice that the stars nominated for an award are always sitting at the end of a row or near the front of the theatre? Spatial teams meticulously plan that arrangement, allowing winners easy access to the stage. Not only does this setup save time, but it minimizes the number of people congratulating winners on the way to accept their award and keeps the run-of-show on track.


A Piece of Cake

With an awards show of this caliber, a plan has to be put into place to feed the masses – and with this particular group of attendees including celebrities, specific dietary requirements have to be taken into account. The production team must learn each attendee’s dietary needs in advance to accommodate – all while ensuring a delicious meal is to come.


Behind the Curtain

It happens every year – one moment, an actor is in the audience applauding a winner, the next they appear from backstage to present the next award. How did they get there so fast? The answer: talent wranglers. Events have designated production crew members to ensure all talent (presenters, performers, and winners) is ready to go on stage at the right cue.

The Emmy Awards are one of the biggest shows of the year, and however hard the experts try, it’s impossible to predict exactly what will happen. But a strong team of strategic event producers – prepared for any and all outcomes – will safeguard a flawless broadcast.