The Latest Food & Beverage Trend That Has Everyone Bugging Out

Food & Beverage

As food costs continue to rise, chefs are looking for new sources of protein, and snacking on insects is becoming the practical choice.

Cricket-based snack brands like Chirps and Exo utilize this sustainable option because cricket powder is good for you, good for the planet – and as it would turn out, tastes pretty good too.

Before you get too grossed out, think about this fact: 80% of the world already consumes insects – this is not a new concept to billions of people across the globe. According to a recent study by PR Newswire, the global edible insects market size is expected to exceed $522 million by 2023 – with an increasingly positive outlook on insect consumption as a healthy and sustainable protein source driving the demand. If you’re still on the fence about the potential of consuming insects, here are five reasons this trend is worth bugging out for:

1. Insects exist in large quantities and can be found everywhere.

2. They are low in fat and contain three to four times as much protein as beef.

3. Insect powders can enhance your cocktails, and cricket flour can be used to make breads and pastries.

4. Insects contain a high source of amino acids and vitamins.

5. Consuming insects leaves behind a small carbon footprint.