5 Things to Avoid When Engaging Millennials at Meetings


In the current meeting space, it is apparent to appeal to millennials as they now make up a sizable portion of the attendees.

Here’s the thing: millennials have very peculiar characteristics. They take notice of the little things, meaning meeting planners must be strategic in creating ways to engage this demographic.


1. Avoid High Ticket Prices

Many millennials are easily put off by high prices. You don’t have to drastically bring prices down, but consider providing them options to take advantage of, such as early bird sales or a chance to win free tickets from a social media contest.


2. Lack of Mingling

Yes, millennials are a social bunch and like to mingle, but it can sometimes be difficult to initiate a conversation without a little nudge on your end. Including ice breakers can be a great way to start some form of interaction.


3. Poor Reception & Wi-Fi

Millennials came of age just as the digital era did. If your venue has poor reception or Wi-Fi access that goes in and out, the audience will be sure to let you know their thoughts in post-event surveys.


4. Lack of Social Media Focus

Millennials eat, sleep, and breathe social media. It’s a given that attendees are going to be sending posts on their social networks throughout the event. To ensure the posts relate to your event, consider adding a digital signage system that showcases all posts and selfies related to the meeting.


5. Rigid Schedule

Millennials like flexibility. An overly rigid schedule with a session at this time, lunch at a later time, and a seminar an hour after that will not resonate well with a young audience. There is nothing wrong with having a presenter speak while attendees are eating, or having a workshop coincide with a general session.