3 Ways Speakers Influence Your Audience


Choosing a guest speaker for your event is of vital importance because it makes or breaks the success of your conference.

The keynote speaker not only creates value by increasing the buzz around the event but has the power to positively advocate for your brand’s reputation. LEO Events’ approach is to understand what will resonate best with our clients and their brands. Speakers Here are three characteristics to keep in mind when searching for potential speaking candidates:


1. Purpose

A keynote speaker sets the tone and builds anticipation for the meeting. Someone speaking after lunch or a breakout, on      the other hand, needs to reignite the energy in the room and motivate attendees.


2. Relevance

While celebrity influencers may draw in big crowds, if they do not align with your meeting topics and theme, attendees may end up confused. Think about what thoughts and ideas you want attendees to take-away from the event.


3. Influence

Speaking of influencers, a great speaker holds enough power to build trust among attendees. Make sure whichever type of speaker you choose (celebrity or not) exhibits authenticity, passion, and confidence.