Games, Magic, & Entertainment – Oh My!

A completely interactive meeting with magic tricks, giveaways, and a live band.

Multi-Functional Stage Sets

Developed to accommodate different meetings, themes, and designs.

Chanting Galore

An enthused group of attendees that brought the energy from start to stop.

Sam’s Club

Meetings Made Simple

Sam’s Club holds its annual Associates Meeting with the main objective to showcase the brand’s latest initiatives and reinforce the abundant enthusiasm employees exemplify for their company. In fact, attendees were so engaged throughout the meeting that each and every time (and we mean every time) the name “Sam’s Club” rolled off of a speaker’s tongue, the entire audience got to its feet and erupted in cheers. The biggest challenge with this event, you might ask? Creating multi-functional set designs, as this particular set and venue is also used for Walmart’s International Associates Meeting. No worries, though, as LEO Events is equipped to design unique features that accommodate the client’s needs – and more importantly – the budget.