The Live Events Industry: A Generational Perspective

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Engaging a multi-generational audience can be challenging for even the most experienced of planners. Today, attendees range from Baby Boomers to Gen Xers to Millennials, each with different passions, values, and goals.

Success ultimately begins with the planner, so LEO Events sought to discover what the attitudes and thought processes are of employees, based upon generational gaps.

LEO incorporated an interactive learning activity during The Roar to do this. This annual, three-day company retreat allows senior leadership to discuss the year’s achievements along with next year’s plans – all while celebrating each other and a fantastic year. Employees were divided into six age groups (23-25, 26-29, 30-32, 34-42, 45-48 and 49 and over) and asked to determine their passions, values, and goals and how each of these impacts their career choices.

It was determined throughout this exercise that passion is derived from many elements, including organic creativity and staying connected with family, friends, and colleagues. Meanwhile, another age group found importance in new experiences, learning, and taking their careers out of the office to share ideas and impact others as strong components for passion. Gaining insight from mentoring and leading also proved to be valued points for passion, as well as relationships and making efforts to be intentionally present.


How we value ideas, principles, and efforts can also play into our triumphs and how we manage setbacks.

While some of the youngest LEOs stated that genuine intentions, honesty, and challenging themselves are strongly valued components to a successful work environment, other age groups placed value on dependability, accomplishments, results, and accountability. Having a purpose and solving conflicts and issues with integrity and humility were valued most by senior-level employees.


Passions and values combined together aid in creating goals.

While some set goals to cross-train among different departments, including production, creative, and meeting services, to gain valuable skills in all, others have goals to consistently be strategic and proactive, while working to be more philanthropic within the community. The most senior groups set goals to simplify and refine overall processes, thus establishing more efficient time management.


LEO Events values every one of their employees and appreciates the unique views that they bring to the table.

By identifying generational factors, not only can LEO as a company better serve their employees, they can also adapt with them over time.  The industry greatly benefits by being represented by multiple generations. While some of these goals and values are similar, they present different opportunities for growth, development, and achievement among every events professional, no matter the age.