5 Ways to Boost Event Engagement


What do giveaways, interactive displays, and breakout sessions have in common? These are all highly effective hacks for boosting attendee engagement in events.


1. Gamification

People love to test their luck – making contests the perfect way to get attendees engaged. Offering prizes is an even more promising way to get involvement. Giveaways that are relevant to your event topic Work with exhibitors and speakers, encouraging them to contribute giveaways.


2. Mobile Apps

Since we are living in an era where people are attached to their devices, it only makes sense that apps have become a significant component to the success of any large event. Apps provide an automatic boost in engagement as attendees are able to use them for many reasons including building schedules that suit them.


3. Live Polling and Q&A

Avoid lengthy presentations from speakers. Attendees crave interaction and leaving plenty of opportunity for Q&A is an effective hack for gaining that connection. Breakout sessions are a prime time to utilize the mobile apps mentioned above. Encourage attendees to participate in live polls and post-event surveys to collect feedback.


4. Give-Back Opportunity

Choosing a philanthropic organization and incorporating a give-back component to an event is a sure way to get attendees involved. You can invite a charity of your choice to participate, offer a community service tour program, have attendees wrap gifts, make cards, or anything else that may spark interest – the ideas can be limitless with this.


5. Relevant Content

While this may sound like event and meeting planning 101, how many times have you been to a program where you were bored and unable to focus? Usable content that provides attendees with learning opportunities and takeaways is what will leave an impression. And, if a mark is made, the attendee will want to engage and return the next year.