Booze Without the Booze – The Big Beverage Trend for 2019

Food & Beverage

We all know about Dry January –if we participate or not is a different story. However, with the growing popularity of skipping alcohol for the first month of the New Year, 2019 will see a shift towards alcohol free beverage choices during events.

People have become increasingly mindful of what is being put in their bodies and where their food and drink comes from. Which in turn, is forcing a recalibration of our relationships with alcohol. Here are 3 ways to plan an alcohol-free event that will actively engage attendees:



A great way to remove the need for drinks it to plan an activity-filled event. This will not only require attendees to be focused and alert but will keep their minds from lingering towards wishing for an alcoholic beverage.


Event Design

Attendees are more likely to engage and connect if they feel at ease and unique seating and design layouts might be the solution. Different layouts can serve different purposes so consider what goals you are trying to obtain before making a selection.


Healthy Alternatives

Instead of a typical bar, try incorporating a mocktail or juice bar. There are many companies that specialize in healthy snacks and drinks to keep your attendees fueled and ready to participate.