Avoiding Tech Fatigue at Your Next Event


Picture this: You’re planning to attend an event and from the onset, you are expected to engage with multiple electronic channels.

Tech fatigue is when a user becomes so overwhelmed with the technology choices that they choose to do nothing or engage in a very limited capacity with the options available. Even the most tech-savvy attendee can become exhausted with overuse of event technology. When your event tech is not planned out properly, technology overload can be time-consuming and has the risk of disengaged – or frustrated – attendees. The digital experts at LEO utilize three tactics to avoid event tech fatigue:

1. All Encompassing Mobile Apps

Choose your mobile app content wisely by asking and then answering the right questions. What are the important details that need to be included? How interactive can it be? Can everything be accessed through one app or are multiple apps required? Having to switch from app-to-app is an undesirable user experience. Encompassing all your digital needs into as few of platforms as possible is always advantageous.


2. The Main Objective

Don’t try to be all things to all attendees. Focus on technology that will implement your key goals for the event and never discount the human factor. This is a transitional time within the technology ecosystem and while we want our first “go-to” to be digital, there are some things that humans will always be good for…


3. Dodge the “Band-Aid Approach”

The Use Experience (UX) should be the guiding principle for all things digital. As populations continue to become more and more tech savvy, it is ever more important to start the event tech planning early on. If you wait too late, the process might look like a “band-aid approach” as opposed to a seamless integration.