3 Ways Nonprofits Can Maximize Virtual Engagement


Nonprofit organizations are not typically thought of as brands; however, that’s exactly what they are. The overall objective is to raise awareness of a particular cause, and ultimately, the brand profile and values are what supporters buy into. While advertising, social media, and content curation can go a long way towards getting the message out there, events are the critical components to the success of nonprofits. Events increase awareness, connect communities, drive dialogue, and of course, for many, they are the vital sources of revenue.

Replacing your real-world event with a digital experience does not mean settling for less – in fact, the virtual realm presents opportunities to make the online event bigger, more unique and engaging, and perhaps have a longer-term impact than its traditional counterpart. If you’re trying to determine the best approach for transforming your canceled event into an enticing digital program, check out these key considerations to help your planning.

Opportunities for Attendee Participation 

In-person events consist of keynotes, breakouts, networking, and social outings. It’s layer upon layer of engagement, and your virtual event should not be any different. The layers you build will depend on the type of in-person event you are replacing – how many attendees, the duration, tone, and purpose of your event should serve as the drivers of the participation opportunities you’re incorporating.

Sponsorship Activation

Your event budget likely depends largely on sponsorship exposure. You can highlight your sponsors using “virtual booths.” Depending on the type of event, you may consider providing attendee access and usage data of the “virtual booth” to your sponsors – the equivalent of scanning a badge at an in-person event, for example. And don’t cancel the swag bag just because the event has gone digital. Use some of the allotted fees and meal savings to send guests t-shirts, mugs, or other items promoting your sponsors and nonprofit organization. Sponsors will be grateful for the exposure – and your attendees will appreciate the tangible takeaway.

 Quality Entertainment

Just because your event is turning virtual doesn’t mean that you need to forego entertainment, or that it will be less interactive for your attendees. Nonprofit organizations can look to creating unforgettable VIP packages. For instance, many celebrities are utilizing Looped Live to connect with fans – this shifts the typical Meet and Greet moment to a quick chat or Q&A versus a photo-op. To read more on entertainment in a virtual world, click here.

As your organization moves forward with virtual events and fundraising opportunities, we hope you find these suggestions to be beneficial. To learn more on the above topics, do not hesitate to reach out.