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LEO Events Expands Offerings through New Partnership

LEO Events Expands Offerings through New Partnership

LEO Events, a global brand experience agency, is pleased to announce the additions of Brett Clark, Sr. Media Producer, and Christian Holihan, Creative Director, to its full-time team. Clark and Holihan come to LEO as founders of Agency Rye, a former creative agency based in Nashville.

The official announcement came in mid-February when Clark and Holihan joined the LEO team full-time. After working with LEO for many years, they felt it was an opportunity to strategize their business model and officially partner with LEO to expand the agency’s capabilities.

“When the time came for Agency Rye and LEO Events to join forces, we knew it was a great opportunity,” explained Holihan. “Brett and I had the chance to come on board, and it has proved to be a smart, business-savvy decision since.”

LEO is a reputed live events agency that offers event management, creative brand development, operations, meeting management, entertainment, incentive management, and public events & festivals. LEO’s clients include numerous Fortune 500 companies, nationally recognized non-profits, and community organizations and associations.

When the pandemic struck in 2022, the agency acted quickly to augment its capabilities and expand services with new solutions in Strategy, Virtual, and Hybrid events. Company leaders believe that this growth opportunity will enhance LEO’s offerings, particularly in-house studio and media production capabilities.

“Agency Rye prided itself on solving problems for its clients – a trait we also greatly admired about LEO,” said Clark. “The LEO employees (affectionately referred to as The Solutions People) carry those same values, and the transition felt natural.”

The expansion has proved beneficial for LEO and the former Agency Rye founders. LEO Principal Kent Underwood explains, “We’re fortunate to have the brainpower behind Agency Rye at LEO. Brett and Christian have brought years of combined experience with them. They’re able to continue focusing on their strengths as event professionals while also adding to LEO’s repertoire of services. The opportunity came at the right time, and we look forward to the continued growth of LEO over the coming years.”



About LEO Events LEO Events, led by principals Cindy and Kevin Brewer and Kent Underwood, is a full-service brand-experience agency based in Memphis with offices in Nashville and Chattanooga, Tennessee. LEO is recognized as a pioneer of innovative, industry-changing practices. Since its founding in 2002, the LEO Events team has showcased unbridled creativity, inventive tactics, and an extremely collaborative approach. LEO’s work is intentionally entrenched in the latest advancements, research, and data, ensuring that all events – virtual, live, and hybrid – are grounded in reasonable and efficient practices. LEO’s clientele includes national and international brands such as Walmart, AutoZone, Sherwin Williams, Nissan, and Hilton Hotel Corporation.