The Solutions People

Creative Strategy


Amid the upheaval unleashed by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the ongoing uncertainty as we emerge and recover, LEO Events remained focused, with our commitment to a solutions-first approach to every challenge. This summer, we repositioned the agency to reflect and amplify that mindset.

Recent events have changed all events – and they have also changed us. As the impact of the pandemic proved deep and long-lasting, LEO invested in new capabilities, resources, and personnel to meet the need of our clients, and the tumultuous, ever-changing condition of the industry. As numerous and sometimes daunting as these challenges are, we still love what we do. We love solving problems.

“In a constantly changing world and continuously uncertain business environment, we had an opportunity to reflect on who we are,” explains Michael Dalton, Senior Vice President, Strategy, LEO Events. “LEO’s greatest strength is our people, and our clients’ greatest needs are solutions. An identity built on LEO’s core strength, we are The Solutions People – committed to innovation, creativity, and complete client satisfaction.”

Our updated branding includes a reimagined logo, website, brand style guide, and adoption of our signature identity. Our renewed promise reflects our emphatic belief in finding solutions.


Recent events have changed all events.

We love solving problems. To us, ongoing uncertainty means infinite possibility, and the minutia is just as important as the mission. As the ways in which we gather, connect, and communicate continue to change, your story should always stand out.


Whatever your challenge, we’re here for it.

So, bring us all your problems. Your questions, worries, and wild guesses. Tell us what’s stressing you out or keeping you up at night. We want to hear it all, because leadership starts with listening. And magical moments occur when people rely on each other. Together we find the best solutions.


We are The Solutions People.