Why Agencies That Give Also Receive

Lifestyle & Culture

At LEO Events, giving back is the best part of who we are. Through our “LEO Gives” initiatives, we have been able to support multiple organizations – all while benefiting at the same time. There are many reasons why giving back results in receiving so we’ve narrowed it down to 3 reasons and ways that make giving back mutually beneficial.


Talent Recruitment & Retention

Having a give back component might be the deciding factor for a well sought-out candidate. Many people want to work for a company that cares about what is happening in the community and world.

We even have a “LEO Gives” award that we present to an employee each year that has gone above and beyond in actively volunteering in philanthropic endeavors. The winner is given a cash prize, as well as a $500 contribution from LEO Events to an organization of the recipient’s choosing.

Pro-Bono Work

While LEO Events does not do full pro bono work, we do provide a discounted rate of sorts to organizations that have worked with us in the past. “It shows there’s a trade and value to what we do, and we can also show a value of pro bono work at the end of the year,” says Cindy Brewer, LEO Principal.

Connections & Networking

Philanthropic organizations often have involvement from some of the world’s most powerful individuals, as well as many other people you may never have had the opportunity to meet had it not been for the connection of wanting to give back.

Entry into these organizations brings one into contact with these people and for a business, these connections are an invaluable resource. Mutual trust and respect among others are essential factors to having a successful business.