How Meeting Services Enhances An Entire Event


Oftentimes, an event’s success is credited to the grander aspects of its production. Audiences are engaged and astounded by elaborate sets, well-crafted messaging, and exciting entertainers. As a result, these factors are typically considered to be key highlights of an event. However, the quality of the attendee experience is a vital, yet often overlooked aspect of a successful program. Transporting, housing, feeding, and caring for every attendee is a monumental task that often seems separate from the world of production, but in fact, the two are intricately intertwined – and your events partner needs the capacity to manage both.

Maintaining communication between Meeting Services and Production is essential to ensuring a smooth-running event. Seemingly small concerns like sessions running late, last-minute additions, and technical mistakes can compound to create delays, errors, and frustration, inevitably leading to a subpar experience for attendees. Unlike many other departments, Meeting Services speaks directly with attendees, troubleshooting any problems that arise.

Champions and stewards of the attendee journey, an expert Meeting Services team is an essential component of a successful event. “People think Meeting Service isjust about contracting a hotelor organizing food and beverage,” says Kristina Johnson, Director of Meeting Services at LEO Events. “But we’re involved in every little thing that happens.” Tying together every detail, LEO’s Meeting Services team leverages their comprehensive knowledge to continue the narrative of an event outside of its programming.

Small touches make a big difference. At a business conference, for example, leadership’s message that employees are valued and appreciated will likely ring hollow if cold food is served afterward. A Meeting Services team that prioritizes an event’s theming, messaging, and purpose enhances its narrative by purposefully selecting complementary meals, venues, and activities for attendees. With the help of an integrated Meeting Services team, for example, attendees would leave a session about the importance of sustainability, and eat lunch made from locally sourced, in-season ingredients, using biodegradable cutlery. This cohesive experience enriches and strengthens the entire event’s messaging. LEO Events works across silos to create these impactful strategies.

Although less celebrated than other aspects of Event Production, Meeting Services is paramount to ensuring attendees have an extraordinary experience. Having innovative, creative production teams coupled with airtight, well-coordinated Meeting Services is part of what allows LEO to produce award-winning, memorable events.