A Very Merry Meeting: How Walmart Kicks off the Season of Celebration


Reindeer games, tacky sweaters, and merchandise galore – it’s no secret that Walmart is definitely that place for the holidays!

It’s the time of year when incredible sales and crazy crowds are just around the corner – and Walmart wants to ensure every celebration from Thanksgiving to the Superbowl (and everything in between) goes off without a hitch, so it’s important to make sure store managers are up to speed on all the details about the upcoming sales season. Here’s how Walmart is kicking off the merriest of seasons:

Festive General Sessions

Two general sessions, along with breakouts, were complete with games, product unveilings, and even marketing reveals (like the Walmart commercial that will debut during the 2020 Summer Olympics) to keep all 6,000 managers informed and excited for what’s to come.

Multi-Functional Stage Sets

With merchandise in mind, the unique stage set is designed to showcase all of Walmart’s latest and greatest products. Blending the tactical and the magical, the entire event space was transformed with merchandise, branding, signage, and décor.

Critical Content

A meeting is only as successful as its messaging – and the content and graphics incorporated at the annual Holiday Meeting are fresh, innovative, and engaging year after year. American Paralympian and bestselling author Josh Sundquist made a special appearance to deliver a heartwarming story on the significance of hard work – something that every attendee understands and values.