It’s Time to Mix up How We Are Hosting Virtual Meetings

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An Insider’s Perspective on Virtual Mixology Sessions

During C&IT’s recent Global Report panel, a participant asked, “How can we coax attendees back to our events?” Their answer? Offer them a drink.

Gone are the days of lackluster virtual event sessions. We want something … more. And so do our attendees. There are many ways to spice up your virtual events – gamification, photo booths, sponsor expos. Sure. But let’s imagine for a moment.

A bustling venue, chattering attendees, live music, alluring décor, and, of course, those serendipitous moments at the bar. Maybe even a toast. These are the things we miss most about in-person events. As we await the widespread distribution of the COVID-19 vaccines, most of us are confined to the parameters of virtual platforms. But this doesn’t mean we give up on the things that give live events their energy.

LEO Events recently produced Transcard’s company-wide holiday party and end-of-year meeting, which was held virtually across two days. LEO assisted with providing the entertainment and gifting components of the event. We hired local mixologist Kaleena Goldsworthy, owner of The Bitter Bottle, to teach a virtual mixology session. Each guest was provided a cocktail kit, ingredients, and recipe lists to create their cocktail at home.

We recently spoke with Kaleena about her Chattanooga-based, modern-American apothecary and asked her a few of the industry’s most common questions regarding virtual mixology sessions.



The Bitter Bottle is a cocktail-solutions company that focuses on bringing quality herbal products, sustainable practices, and inspiring education to the hospitality industry.

Their mission is to build cocktails and communities through producing thoughtful, quality products, offering services to help build the growing hospitality industry, and working closely with the agricultural community to foster relationships that benefit the industry in an intentional and meaningful way.