Finding Clarity in the Crisis

Lifestyle & Culture

We’ve zigged and we’ve zagged. We’ve pivoted and persevered.

We’ve come together as an industry and as a community, in unexpected and astonishing ways.

We’ve seen that creativity, versatility, and determination are communicable, too.

We’ve been reminded that people will always strive to assemble; attending must be synonymous with belonging, and though you can’t replace face-to-face, it’s thrilling to discover what digital can do.

At LEO Events, we are committed to innovation and solutions – to creating stronger, smarter events that deliver the deepest sense of purpose and connection.

We take heart knowing we will make it through by working together, and the shortest route to learning is listening. So we’ve asked a few members of our passionate and resilient LEO family to share silver linings and lessons learned, during this most difficult year: