6 Ways to Make Your Virtual Conferences Family-Friendly

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Brands rely on their conferences to inspire, connect, and educate their employees and sales force teams. Typically, these attendees have the opportunity to travel to destinations for these meetings, but virtual conferences now lead the way for companies to unite with their teams. While virtual meetings open the door to several unique opportunities, there is one component that planners must now account for – the fact that attendees are with their families and trying to find a blended balance of work and home life. Here are six ways planners can easily incorporate family-friendly features into virtual conferences:

Virtual Child Care

As you sharpen your skillset for the future, you child deserves the chance to explore age-appropriate, interactive programming. Consider utilizing an instructor to create virtual programming designed specifically to occupy children. This allows attendees to focus on sessions while their children are connected to inciting educational resources.

Meeting Icebreakers

Interaction is what makes a memorable moment, so we encourage inviting authenticity into meetings. This can come in many forms – a few of our favorite suggestions include asking attendees to share something about the space they’re in, allowing pets to be part of the meeting, or attendees bringing in their children to answer a check-in question.

Documentary Night

We recommend taking the typical happy hour networking session during opening night and turning it into a family-friendly documentary night (don’t worry – guests can still enjoy a glass of wine or cocktail). Focus on a topic that resonates with your meeting message but can be applicable for children and teenagers. This is a great option to include in the happy hour networking session, as attendees are able to sit their laptops at the dinner table if that’s the only time the family can be together. We recommend sharing downloadable and printable materials like coloring or work sheets that can keep younger children engaged in the video.

Cooking 101

In the virtual environment, it’s critical to establish a sincere connection with attendees. We suggest incorporating a “Cooking 101” session that attendees are able to participate in with their families. The week of the event, send a box containing the necessary ingredients, along with a recipe card. Don’t forget to include certain elements on the recipe that are specifically for children to do. Trust us, your attendees will appreciate the effort in not only providing dinner but creating a simple way to spend time with family.

Holiday Cheer

If your event falls around the holiday season, there are plenty of options for incorporating family-friendly elements from pumpkin carving and painting to gingerbread house decorating. If you opt for an activity like this, reserve time during the event to have attendees show-off their family’s work. If you looking to add an extra flare, have attendees vote on their favorites and send prizes to winners.

Virtual Volunteering

Many companies incorporate a community give back exercise during traditional meetings – and that doesn’t have to change in the digital domain. Instead of being physically present to support nonprofits or charities, virtual volunteering allows attendees to donate their time and services remotely to help with essential tasks. We recommend filling backpacks to support local school needs or a remote baking challenge.

To learn more family-friendly tactics for virtual meetings and events, don’t hesitate to contact us at connect@leoevents.com.