Kevin Underwood


    Senior Vice President, Events

    Putting bands on stage and making a show of it has been Kevin’s passion since he and his brother, Kent, started producing events from their Kentucky home when they were both in high school nearly 30 years ago.

    It’s no wonder Kevin’s area of expertise is in booking headline talent and managing large-scale entertainment and special events. He has produced national sales meetings and entertainment for Fortune 500 companies and produced concerts with headliners from Beyonce to The Rolling Stones. So you could say that he knows how to put a ring on a deal and often he actually does always get what he wants. Sorry…it was low-hanging fruit. It won’t happen again.

    Being the expert in managing large groups has spilled over into his family life. He has five kids and one trooper of a wife. Sure, things get loud, but that’s like music to Kevin’s ears.

    And his ability to really make things cook isn’t limited to the stage. Kevin once won a chili cook-off with over 20 teams competing. He’s a winner, no beans about it.