Kent Underwood



    So what does a high school kid from Kentucky who started a company with his brother to promote concerts do when he grows up? Co-found LEO Events of course.

    Kent has been in the biz of giving people what they want since before he went to prom. Most of his career – heck, most of his life, he’s been in event management one way or another. From music promoter to event ticketing, from venue management to exhibit and convention services, Kent’s seen and done it all…mind-blowingly well. Because that’s what you do when you were born to do what you do.

    His passion for innovation and the next cool thing led him to also serve as Partner & CINO for KAABOOWorks, the events group creating new festivals and running the three KAABOO lifestyle experiences in Del Mar (CA), Texas and the Cayman Islands. This venture keeps Kent, and therefore LEO Events – at the forefront of public event innovation.

    Apparently, tons of creativity and gumption run in the Underwood family. Ongeleigh, Kent’s lovely wife, started her own clothing brand, among other enterprises. But their most recent family endeavor has been the birth of their second child (big sis Mackenzie runs a coloring book start-up in the playroom).

    Kent loves the outdoors and remains fit by hiking, biking and following the guidance of his personal trainer, Macy the dog.