David KenyonJob Title


    Sr. Vice President, Production

    David manages corporate business communications, live theatrical and concert productions, digital integrations, special events, and spectaculars for clients around the world.

    And who wouldn’t want to be the SVP of something called ‘spectaculars’? But you’d have a hard row to hoe trying to compete with David. Because, well, he’s spectacular at what he does. He went straight from the Theatre and Music Business Department at the University of Northern Colorado to Gaylord Entertainment/Opryland Productions and never looked back. He’s spent nearly 25 years earning his chops managing all things production, including staffing, budgeting/accounting, creative development/integration, special effects, video production, and technical and logistical coordination.

    Speaking of chops, on any given sunny day, you’ll find David next to the pool, in his outdoor kitchen BBQ’ing a few for his family and friends. And like the man himself, they are spectacular.