Amy ManzanaresJob Title


    Senior Vice President, Events

    We’re pretty sure Amy reads minds. As crazy as that sounds, we can’t think of another plausible explanation for her uncanny ability to give clients more than they even knew to ask for. Okay, so she’s impressed the bejeebers out of event goers for nearly 20 years, but her ability to over-deliver still floors our clients and us. As VP of Event Management, Amy passionately grows, manages and nurses a healthy obsession with the LEO meeting, conference and incentive management part of our business.

    When on a job and in the trenches, Amy often acts as a liaison between the client and the LEO Events team to ensure team members and roles are defined, operations are running flawlessly, deadlines are being met, the budget is being managed and communications with weekly meetings and project timelines are in place. Whew! That’s hard to say in one breath! In addition, any post-event analysis, ROI, lessons learned and debriefs are also managed by Amy.

    When Amy isn’t busy wowing everyone, she and her husband are raising two young boys to carry on the family’s love of all things Denver Broncos.