When it comes to building cars with efficiency, precision and innovation, the experts at Volkswagen are some of the best in the world. But when you want to build great employee relationships via special events throughout the year, well, now you’re talking expertise that’s parked squarely in the LEO wheelhouse.

A circus without the circus.

In the midst of the excitement surrounding the opening of their only American manufacturing facility, Volkswagen decided they wanted a special event to reward and recognize employees and their families. All 6,000 of them. There was one little nagging detail…it had to happen in less than a week.

Always revved and ready for a challenge, LEO created, planned and executed a massive Grand Opening Celebration to serve as a thank-you bash to everyone in attendance. And all within a few days.

Rock bands? Check. Circus tents? Check. Port-o-lets? Check. Fireworks? Well duh. Funny thing about things like fast timelines, they just make us think smarter and work harder to pull off the greatest show on earth.

The midway and carnival atmosphere was created through games and tents lining a long circular drive around the plant. A large stage and 3,000 seats were placed in a parking lot, showcasing local bands throughout the day; the evening’s performance featured nationally acclaimed rock act Switchfoot. The grand finale was an impressive 15-minute fireworks display.

The result? Just a well-attended, well-received extravaganza. But don’t take our word for it, here’s what the client said, “Your passion for detail was shown continuously throughout the event, from the strategic placement of lively, colorful decorations to the very attentive staff in and around the tents. Thank you for your sincere interest and dedication in making this event a success for Volkswagen!”

Making spirits bright. Done.

Showing your appreciation for your employees is not a one-time thing. Volkswagen gets that. So what better time of year to celebrate, recognize and reward employees and their families than during the holidays? And who better to help pull that off than LEO Events? Well, no one. So with just a few weeks to plan, we created and executed a massive Holiday Open House for more than 8,000 guests. ‘Tis the season to party!

Any self-respecting holiday bash had to include snow. Undeterred by the 70-degree weather, LEO did not disappoint. They created a festive, snowy wonderland complete with oversized holiday decorations, carolers and live reindeer. Yes, we said live. And smack dab in the middle of it all was an ice rink. Looking like a life-sized snow globe, and sizable enough to have dozens of skaters at any time circling a spectacular Christmas tree.

There were tents and booths filled with holiday goodies and drinks. Plus, local artisans featured their unique wares for holiday gift shopping. There were holiday themed carnival games and a huge “North Pole” activities tent where kids made their own ornaments, decorated cookies and got to Build-a-Bear.

In addition, LEO oversaw all parts of the program including tying in factory tours for valued community partners of VW and heading a CSR program through a local Angel Tree on-site.

In the end, it was a well-attended extravaganza that Volkswagen families will not soon forget!

No dropping of the ball here.

New Year’s is an important holiday in Germany, so Volkswagen throws a party each January for executives and community partners to celebrate prosperity in the coming year.

The event was being held in a formerly off-limits area, Pilot Hall, so partners could get an exclusive peek inside the plant. The challenge was that LEO had only 24 hours to turn a working area in a car plant into a glamorous event space. The solution? Own the fact that this celebration is taking place in a working plant by utilizing the VW blue lighting to showcase the automotive work going on just hours before. It was an impressive display and innovative location for attendees to enjoy great music, delicious food and cocktails while celebrating VW’s recent Motor Trend Car of the Year Award. Now that’s how you ring in a spectacularly New Year.