Making a house a home is a lifelong task. But making nearly 80,000 apartments home to their residents is a monumental task. It calls for a high-energy, unified team.
And that calls for LEO Events.


Building on a strong foundation.

Nearly 15 years ago, Mid-America Apartment Communities (MAA), a real estate investment trust that focuses on the acquisition, selective development, redevelopment and management of multifamily homes, first contracted LEO to coordinate several years of its DMC events. Like a good neighbor, LEO partnered with MAA on every detail again and again.

Now it was time to move to the next level. MAA needed to create a connective and energetic atmosphere for their Annual Leadership Conference. When your business is operating approximately 80,000 apartment homes in 254 communities in 15 states, your annual meeting becomes a critical time to regroup and refuel the entire corporate team. In other words, you better get your house in order.

The goal was clear: MAA had to give its 450 attendees and 75 vendors a fresh, fun experience that promoted connectedness among company leaders and employees. But they needed help. They needed a trusted partner. They needed LEO.

Working closely with the MAA internal team, LEO developed the conference theme “A Brighter View.” LEO supported that vision by designing a meeting that was exceptionally executed to the service level that MAA is known for and demands. While LEO handled the heavy lifting in logistics and operations for the conference, the MAA team was free to focus on conference goals, objectives and sponsorship. Together, we executed a leadership dinner, divisional receptions and meetings, a vendor expo coupled with an off-site appreciation party, group excursions and an awards gala in a style that gave guests something to really write home about.

Services Provided: Meeting and Event Management, Registration Management, Meeting Planning (Food/Beverage/Hotel Management), Speaker Engagement and Management, Expo Management, Off-Site Events, Transportation and Logistics.