Known for their machines’ quality and durability, Krone sells the very best hay and forage equipment in the world. When this German-based agricultural equipment manufacturer wanted to launch a new fleet of their smaller horsepower harvesters in North America, the company turned to LEO Events to produce the product launch event. Because let’s face it, we know a thing or two about making hay.

Product Launch

Go big or go home.

A product launch of this scale and scope was new to Krone. Krone invited their dealer principals, sales professionals, service professionals and members of the press from across the United States to join them for the unveiling of four new “BiG X” machines.

The “BiG X Launch Experience” was held in two locations: on a remote dairy farm in south Florida and at the PGA National Resort and Spa in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. This three-day media and customer event consisted of a product unveiling, classroom training for sales and service professionals at the resort and the farm, and “ride and drive” opportunities at the dairy farm, where participants could operate one of the new vehicles and chop corn.

During the training, participants learned how to operate the new equipment, how to sell against the competition, and how to service the equipment. Participants also enjoyed an opening reception, an offsite dinner and celebration, and an optional fishing derby. As a thank-you for their partnership, all participants were eligible for a limited-time discount on their initial purchases of the new machines.

LEO Events designed and coordinated all elements of the launch. We selected the sites, coordinated housing and airfare, prepared registration, designed branding for the event, developed environmental design and signage, designed and produced collateral, created content, wrote speeches, produced videos, provided executive coaching, coordinated training, and produced all events.

The LEO team also transformed 40,000 square feet of a dairy farm into a training venue with six tented breakouts, a catering tent, and an area for the ride-and-drives. To make this transformation from farm to meeting site, our team brought in everything from generators and tents to portable bathrooms.

It’s not easy turning big equipment into big business. But when it runs smoothly like “The BiG X Launch Experience” did, it’s a big success, resulting in 100% of US available fleet being sold within six weeks.

Services Provided: Meeting and Event Management, Registration Management, Meeting Planning (Food/Beverage/Hotel Management), Creative Services (Graphics, Thematic Approach, Environmental), Production Services, Content/Video Production, Site Build and Logistics, External Program Communication, Ride and Drive.

The BiG X Launch was a hit, with LEO standing out in a BiG way.

North American Dealer
Sales Training

You reap what you sow.
So sow big.

Sales training meetings are not new. And LEO isn’t new to them. But a Krone sales training is no typical training. Unless of course you think it’s typical to haul 28 huge pieces of equipment in 22 loads more than 40,000 miles combined so your sales guys get hands on selling experience. Yeah, we’re sticking with not typical.

But oh do we love a challenge. The bigger the better. And the Krone North American Dealer Sales Training fit the bill nicely. The first big hurdle came by way of securing a location with 50,000 square feet of exhibit hall space. In January. With classrooms. For 150 reps. Enter Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City. Done.

Next, how do you energize dealer reps and executives alike? With a dynamic, engaging, incredibly well produced video showcasing all that was in store for its guests. Created by LEO and kicked off on opening night, it was just what was needed for making a big statement. The momentum continued as the product line was ooed and awed over, cocktails clinked and the bluegrass band brought down the house. The training was officially rolling.

When it comes to making big impressions there is no rest for the weary. As the guests headed in for the night, LEO flipped the space, bringing in competitors’ equipment sourced from around the country for competitive training sessions. Throughout the next two days of training, LEO coordinated 35 presenters for a combined 80 hours of instruction.

All work and no play makes for a very boring training event. Nobody wants that. That’s why the evenings were filled with good times like a “Taste of Utah” event featuring locally sourced food, craft beers and more. For the final night, guests received gift cards for a night out on the town in Salt Lake City.

In a challenging agricultural economy, LEO helped Krone give its dealers a refresher while simultaneously getting them energized. It’s true. You reap what you sow.

Services Provided:Staging, Production and Equipment, Content Management, Content Flow, Creative, Graphics, Speech Coaching, Environmental Design Services, Sourcing, Housing, Registration, Meeting Management, Destination Management and Logistics.