How do you know a client’s happy? They give you more work, duh. ExxonMobil, our oh-so-happy client tasked us with a variety of events throughout the year. Big, small and in between. Here are just a few to ponder.


One good event leads to another.

On the heels of many on-point events, LEO was given the opportunity to keep a good thing going and developed the creative and strategic messaging for ExxonMobil’s Downstream Leaders Forum as well as produced the entire event.

LEO handled the entire production—from development to execution, which alone required an on-site team of 125. The weeklong event was held just outside Houston for 850 attendees. Planning and preproduction began months before, with separate but coordinated teams developing each company’s messaging and content. LEO also wrote and produced 32 videos. Three video crews traveled to 41 cities in 21 countries, conducting 80 interviews and gathering necessary supporting footage. The 94 general and breakout session PowerPoint decks included 1,521 show slides. All that took some serious manpower, to the tune of five executive producers, six content producers and 14 designers on a full-time basis. Obviously we know a little something about generating some power of our own.

When it came to effectively getting their messages across, presenters were able to speak softly and utilize a big screen. A very big screen. 16 feet high and 175 feet long—stretched from behind the stage and extended to the sides of the ballroom in a 180-degree arc, to be exact. Consider the message conveyed.

LEO also utilized the latest interactive technology to personally engage attendees—including RFID for registration and interactive kiosks that personalized each attendee’s experience, based on the information stored in each of their badges. The Innovation Showcase, DLF’s tradeshow, served as a gathering place where attendees from the different companies could exchange ideas and as a literal showcase for emerging technologies and their applications to the energy industry. Each attendee’s participation was recorded with a “stamp” to his or her badge at each exhibit.

Individual engagement continued after the Showcase as attendees visited the WINnovation Wall. As each person stood on a pressure mat, the 80-inch screen displayed a review of his or her visit to the Showcase and other information, personalized to them, creating a live custom showing of their day at the Showcase. Each attendee could also record their favorite Showcase experiences and share the ideas the exhibits inspired in them. The Showcase and Wall worked beautifully to achieve the objectives of attendee education and research.

Services Provided: Staging, Production and Equipment, Content Management, Content Flow, Creative, Graphics, Speech Coaching, Speechwriting, Technology, Environmental Design.


Washington, DC. The land of big plans.

Just as we were debating the latest political shenanigans around the watercooler one day, our friends at ExxonMobil called wondering if we would be interested in taking Washington, DC by storm and get a few hundred marketing execs from around the globe on board with their new marketing plans. Yes, yes we would.

This annual meeting is one of ExxonMobil’s high-level events of the year. It has to be a complete, cohesive experience. In a word, momentous. Just the kind of event that makes us giddy. We started with a theme, logo development and brand messaging, laying the groundwork for all aspects of the event.

It was time to get this party started. Upon arrival, guests were welcomed with an awesome environment that included projection mapping the hotel lobby entryway arch. Interactive displays and iPad stations informed and directed guests. An RFID video wall captured names and tweets and automatically displayed them in real time. In addition, we jazzed up all the meeting rooms, including set design, and staging. Plus we provided content development, content flow, speechwriting and graphics. 15 new videos were produced for the event, and were played on a wide screen format that filled the room from ceiling to floor, wall to wall. That’s a lot of wow-factor for Washington.

And the hits just keep on coming. We kicked it up a notch with a completely branded showcase exhibit hall. It featured the latest technology and tools, including virtual reality, simulators, interactive touch screen kiosks, drones and a robot. In order to transform the room into a uniquely defined space, several booths were built around the entire perimeter, covering the existing walls. We created a roadway that guided everyone through the entire exhibit floor to ensure they visited each experience. The center of the room was home to the core business units, which helped drive conversations and learning.

Services Provided: Staging, Production and Equipment, Content Management, Content Flow, Creative, Graphics, Speech Coaching, Speechwriting.


Three locations. Three languages. One awesome event.

If you’re going to wow anyone, it should be your biggest customers. And when we say biggest we mean peeps who run $100 million + businesses. ExxonMobil needed a unique creative approach that would translate well to three different global cultures. Cue Agent X. An Avatar, a digital host, who emceed the meetings, introduced speakers, interacted with executives and provided comedic relief. We also made Avatars of many of the ExxonMobil executives who appeared live on stage. Once we “transformed” the executives, they could fly, levitate, appear on a factory floor, interact as an Avatar with a live host, etc.

For all three locations—Berlin, Singapore and Chicago–Agent X appeared to be orchestrating the entire show, from video roll-ins to lighting cues, from her own “Control Center.” Agent X was featured on the event’s custom website, mobile app and digital signage. The Mobile App created a personalized agenda for each attendee and was tied into our registration system. It also featured a game to drive tradeshow interaction with sponsors and partners. To win the game attendees had to visit and get information from every booth in the exhibit hall. In Berlin alone, approximately 78% of the attendees visited 100% of the booths. In addition, Projection Mapping was utilized for the stages at all three shows, as it was the easiest and most effective way to recreate the stage in all three locations. We also produced original videos for the event’s distributor operations and administrative operations that appealed to U.S. and International audiences.

Services Provided: Production Elements, Staging, Technology, Crew and Registration, Global Team Production Supervision.


Making a big splash.

If you don’t want to get upstaged by the landscape, then you better go big or go home when you’re conferencing in Niagara Falls, Canada. So that’s exactly what we did. 20 x 75 feet big, in fact. Our bigger-than-life screen filled the theater, had presence and was the ideal platform for making a statement. Speaking of statements, we also helped presenters craft a few choice words and coached them in the finer points of wowing an audience.

Services Provided: Staging, Production and Equipment, Content Management, Content Flow, Creative, Graphics, Speech Coaching, Speechwriting.