Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. We couldn’t agree more. That’s why for the past 10 years LEO has done its part to properly honor the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll during Graceland’s Elvis Week each summer in Memphis. So if you stumble upon a few well-known Elvis tunes woven throughout, sorry, we just can’t help ourselves. Don’t be cruel.

Elvis has left the building. Or has he?

What would Elvis Week be without a lineup of Elvis tribute artists competing for top honors? So, when Elvis Presley Enterprises introduced their Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest ten years ago, we came onboard to help them develop and create a finale event that would crown the ultimate of all Elvis tribute artists – and become an instant Elvis Week fan-favorite event.

Year after year, contestants from all over the globe, as far away as Japan, Australia and England, croon for the crown and their chance at a grand prize of $20,0000. Just ten advance to perform in a phenomenal show to compete for the title in the final round. The fans are all shook up as the group is then narrowed to five before the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist of the year is named.

Like the contestants pay extremely close attention to every costume and performance detail, LEO also makes every detail of the production perfect. Keeping in mind that this is both a highly-regulated competition as well as a live-entertainment event for thousands of fans, all aspects of the production were synchronized from lighting and audio to set design and video presentations, in order to exceed both the artist’s and fan’s expectations.

In contests, it’s vital to keep every element completely fair – from song selection to performance order to scoring – so pre-production has to be a little less conversation and a whole lot of action. That’s why we hire an independent accounting firm to calculate scores, and why Elvis Presley Enterprises hand picks judges from within the music industry and Elvis’s private circle. It’s all fair and above board. No jailhouse rock in anyone’s future here.

LEO scripts a second-by-second run of show for each event to track the many moving parts and employs a battery of stage managers for each competition. All of this careful management results in a fantastic few nights of highly entertaining tributes in the white heat of the spotlight, where just one man remains KING, guaranteeing that he will most certainly not have a blue Christmas.

Services Provided: Creative Concepting, Event Management, Set Design, Production, Judging, Scoring.